EV E-liquid

NZD $35.00


The Grizzly combines honeydew, sweet fresh berries and tangy kiwifruit with a refreshing hint of mint!


Mint, Honeydew, Berry, Kiwi








This e-liquid is a game changer. It will take you to a whole new level with mouthwatering flavours of honeydew, sweet berry and tangy kiwi fruit all rolled into a smooth vape that leaves you with a refreshing hint of mint. Grizzly by EV is a refreshing fruity experience, delivering a cool menthol base balanced with the sweetness and flavours of honeydew melons, berries, and kiwis for a tropical blend unlike any other. Feast on freshly scooped honeydew melons! Thick slices of ripe green kiwi fruit deliver a tangy sweetness to this fruity e-liquid. Combined with wild blueberries giving you a subtle ferocity that will delight your vape experience!

why choose ev e-liquids

Escape your problems by treating yourself to a one-way ticket to an island full of exotic fruits. With such ripe and juicy fruits, you’ll never want to go back. EV will keep you under its love spell with our premium e-juice made in the States. All our liquids have been tested vigorously to ensure the highest quality. Brewed to pure perfection, how can you say no?